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Stellargold Box

What is Stellargold Box?

Stellargold is an ethereum based token and is an utility token. Stellargold allocates 10 million Stellargold tokens to be  distributed to users by successive airdrop, gift and various other methods which will  represents the value of these locked tokens.

How it can benefit?

Stellargold is a global cryptocurrency  community where various projects lock their tokens to one holding  address and distribute Stellargold tokens to potential holders.  Founded in February 2018 is a token with a lot of utilities.

How it can benefit our partners?

With just locking 0.5% of your total token we are made as partners and you can airdrop your tokens at our website and make your announcements at our twitter,telegram platform and get exposed to a larger community of people. We also provide ICO services

United We Stand Divided We fall

Background and Problems

KYC exposed for Small Airdrops

Stellargold Bounty Platform prevents innocent airdroppers from exposing their identity to the corporate world for just a small airdrops as in our bounty platform there are no KYC for Airdrops

40% of World's total population in poverty

Stellargold Bounty Platform helps in getting people a small amount of income of about $250 per month just by doing small tasks for getting some airdrops. Companies doing ICO’s are mostly from the technologically developed nations and hence we can convert the funds they invest in marketing into some sort of income for people who lives below poverty line.

High cost of marketing

Stellargold provides every company with a great idea of changing the world free marketing services to reach a larger community of population without any ease. We also provide you any technical assistance if needed and hence we help small companies to reach greater heights

Our Mission


Our platform uses the blockchain for getting decentralised companies investing their marketing income for the upliftment of poor people and able to gain their livelihood. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are not only meant for the rich. It is for everyone. Our first measure is making this blockchain accessible to poor. An ICO spends nearly 20 % of its investment in marketing. Companies doing marketing are earning huge and hence the rich become richer and the poor become even poorer. To change such a situation Stellargold Bounty Platform will function.

Tokens Locked

Stellargold - 10 million

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KitToken - 10 million

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AFCASH - 0.1 million

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Tasks for getting tokens

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

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