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Besides mining, crypto trading is also a good option to earn cryptocurrencies. Even though bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, many new coins are also rising in value. Shiba Inu Coin is one such cryptocurrency with huge potential. Check this page to find out how to buy Shiba Inu Coins.

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Stellargold(“XLMGOLD”) is an advanced solution to all the existing cryptocurrency problems which could allow users access simple, safer and faster transaction methods to various platforms and mining sites. It is an ERC20 based token and can be stored in any of the ethereum compilant wallets like mist,metamask,myetherwallet,blockchain wallet etc.,Stellargold provides users with world's fastest money transaction yet absolutely safe with the lowest fee.You can use Stellargold for paying various crypto miners who are considered legit. It makes a distinguishable factor between the genuine mining sites and fake mining sites. This also provides a key breakthrough in the cryptocurrency field. Most people who are interested in entering the crypto market will be focused on crypto trading. Bitcoin is the most traded cryptocurrency around the world and you need strategies to make profits from it. The use of auto trading platforms can also help traders to smoothen their trading experience to make profits. Try the BitIQ app as it is equipped with several features to make trading more fruitful. It is easier for the mining sites to get genuine customers. Hence it brings smile on everyone. Unlike other digital currencies Stellargold is not only designed to become an digital currency that can meet the highest advanced technology but also become the friendly digital cash and can be easily used by anyone

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Background and Problems

Losing money on fake miners

 With the increased number of cryptocurrencies and miners it becomes inevitable for people to seek mining sites which usually operates on large scale. And this leads to the indulging of fake mining sites which cheats people by accepting money as fee and in return giving them a lot of disappointment and set back.

Number of cryptocurrency that can be mined

 With the increased number of cryptocurrencies that could be mined the number of miners also increased greatly and as a result of which small household CPU/GPU are not proving good to their masters. So it is an essentiality to seek professional miners. While seeking such people are betrayed. 

Awareness about mining

  Some people who are not well aware of mining are wasting their time and money by using their PC for mining and in return they are fetching nothing except a few electricity charges.   

Mining the backbone of transactions

 Mining is the heart of cryptocurrencies. Without the process of mining the cryptocurrencies couldn't function. Because all the transactions are done with the help of miners. So it is an important aspect to develop mining so that there will be a lot of miners and consequently there will be less fees for transactions. 


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