CEO and Founder

Mr.Sujith Somraaj

Sujith is an electronics engineer from MIT. He is well versed in electronics as well as computer technology. Being a solid solidity programmer, he is young and dynamic. He always admires the physical changes happening around us. He is the chief advisor of KitToken, a decentralized banking token which is being developed under his technical and practical guidelines. Sujith is also well known for his electronics experience. He started cryptocurrency mining a couple of years ago and he had a vast knowledge in the cryptocurrency mining space. He is the chief designer of the Stellargold photo based sha-256 miner device which is being developed by Stellargold Incorporation. He is also well versed in the physical theories and laws and he is implementing those into cryptocurrency mining. 

Business Lead and Co-founder

Mr.Suresh Kumar

Mr.Suresh Kumar,Stellargold's Business Lead had years of experience in stock trading. He is a successful stock broker with a lot of technical skills making the backbone of Stellargold's operations. He is making Stellargold's business operations in a great manner. He is having 5 years of experience in cryptocurrency trading and hence making clear strategic plans for stellargold to make its strong existence in the cryptocurrency field. His business strategies are of world class standard and stellargold believes that he will play a major role after the end of ICO

Technical Developers


Security Analyst and Certified Ethical Hacker and he is maintaining Stellargold's Security Operations

Student at MIT


Website developer and backend Server technician

Student at MIT

Subash Rathinam

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Student at MIT

Chief Content Writer


Article writer and content developer at Stellargold

Chief Relationship Officer (CRO)

Dr.Ben Jones

Community Administrator at Cashaa and Advisor at KitToken


Sivashankar Sivaramam

Cryptocurrency Evangelist and Angel Investor

Dr.Ben Jones

Community Administrator at Cashaa and Advisor to KitToken


Medical Specialist and Cryptocurrency