Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will I be able to trade my XLMGOLD on digital currency exchanges?

 Stellargold has already completed the necessary applications to get XLMGOLD listed on several key exchanges. We are in discussions with those exchanges now, and anticipate an immediate listing on at least one exchange once the token is launched. 

2.What is Stellargold?

Stellargold is a next generation, de-centralized social network.

The network will contain its own cryptocurrency token. 

3.Why did we choose to do an ICO?

 We believe there is tremendous opportunity for the blockchain to augment our current offerings and become the foundation across all of our products.

4.What are the token escrow conditions for the Pre-sale?

 Your tokens purchase funds are held in escrow by us. The funds are not exchanged unless our ICO ends in Nov 2018

5.What if the minimum milestone is not achieved?

 To protect our buyers against the event of a first milestone not being met during the ICO, we have worked closely with escrow providers to ensure buyer protection.  

6.Are XLMGOLD tokens transferable?

 Yes, crowdsale purchased XLMGOLD tokens are immediately transferable.