Athena Kim's Art Shop

This is an Athena Kim's Artist shop featuring various high quality digital prints of Athena's work for sale. All purchases are made in Stellargold tokens only. All proceeds go directly to Athena Kim's Ethereum address and Stellargold takes 0% commission from this. The artist also not been charged in any way,shape or form to exhibit and sell her pictures here as it is our honor to have her art grace our website.

For further inquiries and to claim your pictures after payment, please email directly

Artist Bio

Athena  Kim is a Korean painter living in the Bay area. Locally, her work has  been shown at numerous galleries and exhibitions, including The Women's  Building, Presidio Landmark, One7 Gallery, Public Glass, Mission  Cultural Center for Latino Arts, The Troll House at Pier 26, the San  Francisco Sheriff’s Department, the Upload Collective, University of San  Francisco, North Beach Bauhaus, China Basin Landing in San Francisco,  Neyborly Poet's Corner in Berkeley, and Playground Global in Palo Alto.  (2016-present).

Kim’s abstract expressionism manifests and  discharges complex feelings and body sensations. Her search to express  the profound emotions through painting culminates in her unique  compositions of richly colored abstract images filling large canvases  and explores gestures, lines, shapes, and colors evoking a feeling of  transcendence and tranquility in contemplation.